A few old memories about old chat rooms !

I think in the old days people were talking in bars and cafes instead of chatting online and i can think how they enjoyed that. but nowadays at the online age people from all around the world can talk to strangers easily with online chat rooms.it’s great.
personally i love classic chat rooms and group chat apps because they let people to chat in public environment and aren’t just private chat! i remember a long time ago when i was a kid i was using yahoo messenger chat rooms everyday and i was using voice chat in the rooms.so nice voice chat that was! after some time yahoo closed chat rooms on yahoo messenger and they weren’t available anymore! so disappointing.
okay after that I thought I’d make an alternative group chat room for Yahoo chat rooms! yeah, that’s just why i created AlloTalk Chat rooms!

also i remember flash chat was so popular in those days ..
Continues ..
Stay with us …

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