How to start a conversation with a stranger?

Some people love striking up conversations with anyone – even complete strangers. However, if you have anxiety, then the thought of speaking to someone can leave you intimidated. Starting a conversation when you talk to random people can make you feel awkward and nerve-racking at first. This is when you can benefit from learning how to strike a conversation with a stranger.  Knowing when, where, and how to talk is an important skill you need to master.

talk to new people

Gather information

While you talk to random strangers, make sure that you first learn about time. This is an effective tactic for initiating a conversation with a stranger. Wait for their response and think about other related comments or questions you can make to keep the conversation flowing. 

Compliment them 

Keeping the conversation alive while you chat with random people is not easy. You can use another tactic to begin a conversation with someone new. Complement them and this would actually lead to a pleasant conversation about the item or element you have complimented them on.    

Discuss common interests

In several instances, it might be obvious that you could share a common interest with a stranger when you are trying to meet new people. Use this as a starting point while striking up a conversation. 

Comment on something personal

While meeting online, you will learn that everyone you meet has something or the other unique about them. It could be anything from an unusual outfit, a tattoo, or a piece of jewelry. These tell a lot about an individual. Whenever you notice this trait, you can complement them which could serve as a starting point for the conversation.

Make a funny comment

Another great way of initiating a conversation when you meet new people is to make a funny comment. A little humor works great in grabbing attention. Keep your commentary positive and never try to sound judgmental or mean-spirited. It can be a massive turn-off. You need to make the other person feel comfortable getting “in” on the joke. Humor can be difficult with someone we don’t know well. However, it can spark the beginning of a great friendship.  

Be yourself

While talking to someone online, you don’t have to take an entirely different persona to impress someone. Instead, you need to talk to a stranger online like you would with any other friend of yours. Be yourself and talk about what you like and what you don’t. Don’t reveal anything personal without knowing who they are. However, being genuine instead of putting up a fake persona would be the best thing to do.  

In summary 

Striking up a conversation with random strangers can be difficult. However, you can try a few tactics that can help you draw a response from them and learn more about them. With time and with the right confidence, you will be able to initiate conversations with complete strangers and get a response from them and form great friendships online.