The strange world of online chat rooms

Except for the social media websites like Facebook messenger, Whatsapp and Viber there are other places of communication too where strangers can chat with each other. These places are known as chat rooms and the frequently used chat rooms are the teen chat rooms, where teens in the age group of 13-19 talk and chat with strangers of almost their age. These teen chat rooms are easily accessible and can be found by a simple search on Google. A lot of people find these chat rooms a great place to interact and chat with people belonging to diverse cultures. It is simple to use these rooms, one just has to make their avatar and start communicating but with ‘strangers’.

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Chatting with strangers sounds exciting to a lot of teenagers, most of them find an informative way of knowing about different people and their cultures but this is something of a serious concern. Talking to a stranger cannot be and should not be taken lightly because it can have its dire consequences. These chat rooms can be quite dark and can have a serious impact on the mental health of the teens. Free teen chat is something that sounds interesting but in a time where sexual and physical assault cases are increasing, it is not something that is quite safe.

The dangers of the teen chat rooms

-Stranger buddy – Do u know who is on the other side of the chat? Is that person a complete stranger? Talking to a stranger in a chat room is common because most of the teens feel they have someone listening to them, especially when their own parents don’t show much interest. But these strangers can prove to be harmful and can influence the mind of the teens in a wrong way. These sympathetic strangers can be drug dealers, criminals or online stalkers can influence the mind of the teen deeply.
-Malware attack- Every stranger in a chat room cannot be bad or a criminal, there are some good people too, who might genuinely listen to you and be fun talking to. But these good strangers might just send some malware as a gift, which could attack your computer and cause harm to it and to the information saved on it, completely.
-Aloofness- teenchat can be quite addictive, because teenage is a stage which is quite sensitive and where one can easily get influenced, attracted and addicted. These chat rooms can disrupt the studies and make one aloof. This can lead to detachment from the real world.

Teen chat rooms are a great medium of communicating and making new friends but these chat rooms do have their own negative impact. So parents who have teenage kids should be quite cautious about the chat rooms their kids are in, and they should try mingling with their kids. Interaction with kids is necessary to keep the teen away from different teen chat rooms; also the parents should try and educate the child about the dangers of interacting with strangers in these chat rooms.

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