Top 5 Best Free Chat Rooms of 2020

nowadays we can find a lot of chat rooms on the internet but we need to know which one is the best and most popular because these days everyone has purchased a chat script and running a chat site that doesn’t even have a business plan, most of these new chat sites barely have a few active users on it and will be closed finally .They come and go but only the best ones remain in the industry.

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below we will convince you why these chat sites are the best and will continue to serve their users.


Allotalk can be used as an alternative for Google Allo because Google allo has just ended it’s services since March 2019 . Allotalk is running by a big company since 2017 .so they know what they’re doing , they have come to stay in the’s a well known brand and a good established website so you can make sure this chatroom is pretty legitimate and functional.the load speed is also fantastic you can chat there in 3 different chatrooms called stranger chat , singles chat and teen chat it almost cover all ages so all people can use it easily.this website has no ads on it , they charge users for extra chat features as a VIP membership so in my opinion that’s a good idea to get rid of annoying ads . it also has a nice android app you can download here :

2. Paltalk

this chat community is one of the oldest ones that has a good amount of users online with video chat feature that make it one of the best chat rooms over the internet.this also has useful apps available for download.


it’s the best option to chat with strangers , omegle is a one on one chat site. strangers can chat anonymously and random at this place .unfortunately it doesn’t have group chat rooms.


it’s one of the most interesting places to hang out and chat. something like a network of smaller chat communities . at this place you can enter a chat room just with a single click and no registration is required. you can enter instantly and watch the chat as a guest.


I can say this chatroom is very crowded and populated almost everyone can enter this chat and no restriction is defined here. its for every one and you can talk about every thing. there are a lot of chat rooms there almost every topic and most users are guest.users can create chatroom at this place as well.

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