Law Enforcement

A Guide for Law Enforcement Officials

This is an important section of the site because it helps to ensure the safety of our users and the general public.

Due to the popularity of AlloTalk, we have tens of thousands of users coming and going throughout the day. While the vast majority of users do not have any issues, we occasionally have some "bad apples" pass through our website to disrupt other users or attempt to commit illegal acts.

If you are part of a law enforcement agency, we would love to work with you to promote safety for all users using the Internet and take the Internet away from users who abuse it.

We have worked with numerous law enforcement agencies in the past from all across the globe.

If you have a particular inquiry about an incident, please send an email to admin[@] and include the following information about the case:

  • - Your name and the law enforcement agency you represent
  • - Brief summary of the details of the incident that occurred on this website
  • - Time and Date of the incident
  • - Chat Room this incident took place in. (For example: singles chat)

Please ensure that you send this request via your company email with verifiable contact information of the law enforcement agency you work with and all relevant information to for verification purposes. Impersonating a law enforcement officer is illegal. Please also ensure your request is sent as soon as possible from the date of event to ensure the records are preserved.

In some cases we may require a full subpoena. Please inquire with us first.

***Please note it is very important that you do not block incoming email from our email address or else a response will not get to you. You would be surprised at the number of bounced emails that occur from large government agencies. Please check with your IT department to ensure this is not the case.