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Video Chat

The Modern Features Available On Video Chat Platforms

We live in a digital age. Video chat platforms have become essential tool for communicating with friends and family across the globe. Families can now stay connected even when they live on opposite ends of the Earth. Furthermore, Video Chat platforms offer a variety of features for the betterment of your communication with your loved ones.

A detailed breakdown about some top notch features offered video chat sites and platforms is shared below for you.

  1. 1- Group Chatting Feature

The number of people to be added in a video chat is not anymore limited to two only. There are sites that allow you to add as more as ten people in a single screen. This allows you to connect with all your family members or your friend group at the same time in a single screen. This feature is mostly used to conduct group meetings.

  1. 2- Screen Sharing

Video chatting is not limited to just sharing your face now. The latest screen sharing feature allows you to share your desktop screen while interacting with people. This features is widely appreciated in webinars to share presentations and by educators for teaching purposes.

  1. 3- Recording Feature

There are several cozy moments while video chatting with your loved ones that you want to save and cherish forever. This fantasy is now brought to reality by screen recording feature offered on various video chat platforms. For students taking online classes it is quite helpful to record the lecture

  1. 4- Chat Rooms

Reaching to your fans or huge mass of people is what chat rooms is all about. Used by youtubers and celebrities with huge fan base, this feature allows you to create your own personal cyber space and share yourself with your fans and increase your reach. 

  1. 5- Special Effects

Some video chat platforms offer special effects that appear when characters are talking. The special effects range from sharing songs, stickers and pictures to sharing a sticker based on your body features called Avatar. Each video chat platform can have different animated effects, so be sure to check out your video chat platform's options to see what the avatars are capable of.

  1. 6- Noise Block And Acoustic Fence

Noise Block is a proof of technical innovation making communication more feasible. This smart features helps to avoid background unwanted noise and establish a better communication. This involves controlling your device microphone and simply tuning it off on detecting noise and turning on when someone speaks.

Acoustic Fence is similar technology that avoids noise by creating virtual boundary for your conversation. This virtual fence is created using your microphone and any noise from outside the fence is simply blocked to provide better output.

random video chat platforms allow you to communicate with other people face to face using voice responses, text responses, emoji, braille-braille communication, and tone diagnosis. You can make international video calls with random people across the world. A random video chatting website like AlloTalk fully loaded with latest features will make your experience memorable

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