Buying VIP for someone else instantly!

To give someone you know VIP status,Click on the VIP button within the chat and then click the "Other member" button and select the plan you want and enter the username who will receive VIP and then proceed to checkout. All VIP purchases will be activated instantly.

Allotalk chat room VIP membership

Allotalk chat room VIP membership

• No PayPal account is required to make a payment. if you don't have a paypal account, you can click on "pay with debit or credit card".See How

• The payment will show up as PayPal*AlloTalk on your credit card statement

• Buying VIP for yourself or other member through the chat room, is instant

Refund Policy

- You will not receive a refund if you break our rules and receive a ban from the chat rooms

- We cannot give refunds to people who decide not to use AlloTalk anymore, or who have VIP status.