Chat Rules

Anyone using the AlloTalk website is required to agree to and acknowledge the following.

AlloTalk does not accept responsibility for any actions taken by the users of our app or website. We provide no endorsement or ownership claim of any content broadcast from our platform. 

Inherently, human nature is not something that can be controlled and as such, any people you connect with may choose to behave in an inappropriate way. Anyone behaving in this way is entirely responsible for doing so and you should report them by clicking on the flag button if any stranger you chat with on our website violates our terms and conditions or in any way makes you feel uncomfortable. 

- No one under 18 years of age should use our website.

- Please refrain from transmitting anything illegal, inappropriate, including nudity.

- Please do not engage in conversations that are sexual in nature.

- We operate a zero-tolerance policy on sexism, excessive vulgarity, racism, bullying or any kind of harassment. If someone you’re connected to behaves in this way, please quickly disconnect yourself from the chat in question.

- Please behave in a reasonable and appropriate way, as we want our website to be a platform that can be broadly available to everyone.

- We do not allow spamming in our random chat, which includes any kind of excessive link posting that pertains to advertising or promoting products or services.

- We ask you not to use any automated software to begin conversations on either our app or website.

- Please do not transmit anything that may be deemed to be illegal, shocking, violent or disgusting.

- Make no attempt to spread malware on our website or to hack it. 

- Be very aware of any links being shared to you by strangers, as they may contain viruses. This is not something that we have any control over.

- Never share the private information of other people and please be cautious when talking about your own personal information. This includes data like your age, name, location or details of any social media accounts you hold. Any parents wanting to do more to protect their child’s online safety should refer to Google’s Be Internet Awesome Website. 

- The violation of any IP (Intellectual Property) rights is not allowed.

- The transmission of anything that may damage the reputation of or defame someone is strictly prohibited.

At AlloTalk, we hold discussion logs internally for reasons of moderation. 

You will be banned from using our random video chat if you violate any of these rules.