Privacy Policy

The purpose of our privacy policy is to make welcome visitors to like yourself aware of the kinds of information we could gather about you. It also outlines how that information might be used, if it might be disclosed to third party individuals or entities, and the options you have regarding our use of and the capacity you have to amend this information, and/or assistance with evaluating our email services and solutions. strictly forbids the sending of unsolicited emails in bulk form. AlloTalk has a strong commitment to protecting the privacy rights of Users and Subscribers as well as our clients, partners and their subscribers and users. Our aim is to give users of our services and products a safe and secure environment in which to do so. Mail gives visitors opportunities to sign up for our targeted promotional and informative marketing mailing lists. By providing us with your email address, and/or by subscribing to one or more of our targeting marketing mailing lists, you permit us to use the information, and any other details you provide at the point of collection, to send marketing communications designed to promote AlloTalk products and services, and those of third parties, in line with the consent notice disclosed to you at the time your email address was collected.


Use Of Information

AlloTalk will keep a record of your details associated with your subscription. We also will track your ability to support HTML email, including whether or not you open HTML email messages and collect information about the links you click. This is done to help us provide you with more of the kind of Content that’s relevant to your interests and needs.



Should you unsubscribe from our services, we will maintain a record of your unsubscription. This is done as required by law, or in case we receive complaints. To unsubscribe at any time, please see the unsubscribe option that appears at the bottom of every email we send. Clicking this will take you to a page where you can opt-out of receiving email messages from us. You can also unsubscribe by sending us an email with ‘unsubscribe’ in the subject line and the message section of the email. There is also an unsubscribe feature on this website, or you can contact us direct. As soon as we have updated our database, your email address will be removed from our marketing email lists.


Use of Personal Identifiable Information (PII)

AlloTalk will be the sole owner of any information about you that we collect. We resolve not to license, share, sell, transfer, or rent your email address to any third parties, including our sponsors, affiliates, or partners, unless ordered to do so by a court of law. Information about you that is submitted to us will only be available to people permitted or used by to manage this kind of information, or for the purpose of contacting you in line with consent expressly granted by you at the point of email collection, or to send you information in line with any request for information you have made.


Access to information

Upon request, and after you have provided us with proof of your identity, we will grant you access to all the information we hold about you. After viewing that information, you can request any amends be made to that information, or that elements of the information we hold are removed and we will carry out your wishes. All such requests will be carried out within 5 days of us receiving notification and proof of your identity. AlloTalk will take every possible precaution to protect your information. Any sensitive information that is submitted to our website is protected in both online and offline forms. AlloTalk operates and enforces stringent internal policies in order to protect the privacy and maintain the security of our visitors. We constantly update and re-evaluate our polices, and use new technology as and when deemed relevant in order to enhance the security measures we provide.


YouTube Terms Of Service (Tos)

We use YouTube API Services to search YouTube’s library of videos and share them on our chat rooms. You can find out more information at YouTube Terms Of Service and Google’s Privacy Policy.


Use Of IP Addresses

AlloTalk will use your IP address to help identify and solve problems that might occur with our server and/or websites. We also carry out tracking of browser types to build our understanding of visitor needs to influence our website design. No IP address is linked to personally identifiable information.


We also track IP addresses to monitor user sessions and use the information to see how users are interacting with our sites, and help us develop and deliver better services to our subscribers and users. All personal information of our users will remain anonymous and has no link to IP addresses.


Use of Cookies

Client-side cookies are employed to verify the login status of our subscribers and users when they are using services or products that directly link to our website. The cookies are also used to track point-of-entry to point-of registration for any user taking part in our affiliate sign-up programs. Cookies can also be used to track and measure the success or otherwise of specific marketing campaigns.


The use of cookies on our site is not linked to any personally identifiable information. All cookies are temporary and the cookie terminates when you close your browser. You can still use the AlloTalk site even if you reject cookies, but access to the site may be limited.


Should AlloTalk decide or need to alter its Privacy Policy, any changes will be listed here. AlloTalk will not retroactively alter its policies. We maintain a strong commitment to keeping all of our users up-to-date with and fully informed about the kind of information we’re gathering, how that information could be used, and whether such information will be shared with anyone. Users of AlloTalk sites are always notified whenever their information is collected by third parties, enabling the user to make an informed decision about whether or not they are happy to proceed with services that require a third party.