What are the dangers of random chat sites ?

Whenever strangers chat on social media, a lot of personal information is often revealed. Most social media profiles include personal information such as name, place of work, birthdays, hometowns, personal pictures, and more. With so much access to private information, those with ill intent have an easier job of keeping track of your every move. 

safe random chats

If you are posting updates like you are on a vacation, a stranger would know that you are not home. This opens up the possibility of a break-in. if you are constantly checking into places around the city, then they will know where exactly to find you. The more you disclose personal information on social media, the more you can become the victim of a crime. In addition to targeting you, the stalkers can also target someone dear to you such as your children. Hence, you need to be really careful while talking to strangers on random chat sites.    

You could have your content stolen 

If you are not sure of who you are talking to on random chat sites, then you could end up revealing a lot of your personal information to someone who could use it against you. Online predators are aware of the tactics as to how to make their targets reveal their personal information. In fact, statistics reveal that 75 percent of teens are willing to share personal information about themselves or their families in exchange for goods and services online. Additionally, in 100 percent of the cases that involved online sexual predators preying on teens, the teens had gone willingly to meet the offender. 

Things to consider before chatting with strangers on random chat sites

  • - A stranger is a stranger

No matter how sincere the other person may come across, there is no way to know if they are being honest or not. Sharing your personal information with a stranger could put you at risk. 

  • - Victims do not expect to be victimized

No one wakes up in the morning thinking that they would be victimized. However, certain behaviors increase the risk of someone taking advantage of you. Regardless of how innocent your intentions may be, you need to try your best to remain safe when using text chat to communicate with strangers.  

  • - Online friends

While chatting with strangers, you need to ensure that you always follow safety measures as a form of self-protection. If you are communicating with strangers, it is best not to reveal your personal information way too early. Refrain from giving your phone number, location, last name, or whatever you do. 


Not everything is bad about connecting with strangers online. In fact, you can attract good relationships from friendships that blossom online. However, there may be risks involved if you are just using random chat sites for the purpose. Most people turn to the internet for companionship as they find it easier and more convenient to connect with others than they do in real life. However, make sure you turn to platforms that are safe and strive to ensure the safety of those using the platform. 

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